What Clients Are Saying

I wanted boudoir photos taken for my boyfriend as a gift, and also as something fun to do for myself-to have some professional photos of myself.  The studio is in a convenient location (from city or suburbs), very clean, professional looking, and has many different props available to use during the session.  Margaret was very kind and helpful throughout the photo shoot-she makes you feel comfortable no matter what outfit or pose  : )   Margaret offers great suggestions on how to pose, directions to look, and also provides wonderful advice and insight when choosing pictures after the photo shoot.  I felt nervous at the beginning of the session, but after 5 minutes had no fears at all!  The backdrop, props, lighting, and poses were all very flattering!  Like most women though, I am very critical of myself, and initially only saw the flaws when I first saw the pictures, but the process Margaret takes you through to choose your favorites is exceptional!  After we narrowed down some of the photos, I was really amazed at how I looked, and even ordered 10 extra photos.  I am very excited to show them off when they are ready!   After leaving Margaret’s studio, I felt great about myself, and have shared my wonderful experience with several friends. ~ Lina

Doing a boudoir photo shoot has been something I’ve thought about for a while, but honestly never had the courage, or confidence. My one year anniversary with my boyfriend (the man i will marry someday) was coming up and I decided, why not now? I wanted to do something for both of us, and this was it. And, boy, am I glad I did! Margaret is fantastic! As soon as I met her, she made me feel at ease and comfortable. Her studio is classy, filled with photos of families, which made me comfortable immediately. She was easy going during the shoot, singing along to music, making jokes, and making conversation. The shoot itself was also very classy. Margaret pushed me a little outside my comfort zone, which was exactly what I wanted and needed to get some really great pictures.  The process of choosing photos was great, too.  Margaret was honest with her feedback and opinions and made the process fun and not the least bit stressful.  I loved my photos, and am extraordinarily happy with the ones I chose. I feel like a rock star when I look at them, and am thankful for this experience. ~ Sarah

I looked at your website and I saw your previous work you have done and I thought it was just awesome.  I love Boudoir Photography. I think these type of images make me feel beautiful and sexy! I was very exited and happy when I arrived at Margaret’s studio, I felt so welcome!  Margaret was awesome…at first I felt a little nervous, but after the first couple of minutes, we were very connected like if we knew each other for years!  I was very nervous to see my photos, but wow! my images were so nice and beautiful and Margaret hadn’t even retouched them yet. I felt beautiful and I had a smile on my face while looking at my images. I’m very exited to receive the final product to show to my husband, family and friends. ~Cynthia

I’ve never had formal pictures taken of me wearing anything “sexy” before and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to experience something that’s different from my ordinary everyday life. It was so fun I’d do it again!  Margaret made me feel completely comfortable and at ease while taking all the photos. I felt like I was a real model in a real photo shoot….really sexy! The photos are incredible! I look at them and I’m amazed that it’s ME! There are so many I’d love to have because they show me in a whole different light. What a wonderfully fun thing to do! Thanks Margaret!!! ~Amy

My first reason to come in for boudoir photos was to do something special for my husband. He is always telling me how beautiful I am so I wanted to show him and believe him. We have also been married for 8 years and I wanted to spice things up a little!! The other reason I wanted to do this is I haven’t been feeling 100% recently. I have had some minor medical issues and I wanted to feel good about myself. My experience with Margaret was great!! I was a little nervous before my session but when I got to the studio Margaret made me feel totally comfortable. She helped me with putting together the outfits I was going to wear and told me how she wanted me to pose. That made me feel even more comfortable since I have never done anything like this before!! I really enjoyed the entire session and had a lot of fun. I was totally blown away when I saw my photos. All of them turned out totally awesome!! Thank you for making me look so good, Margaret.  When I look at them they make me feel totally beautiful and I can’t help but feel good about myself. My husband and I have had our picture taken by Margaret (and her husband Frank) before. Any chance I can have to be photographed by Margaret, I seize the opportunity!! ~Wendy

A friend told me she had a Boudoir photo session with Margaret.  She did it for fun, loved the session, and thought the photographer did a great job. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to get some sexy, classy photos taken, and do something fun for myself and my husband. 🙂 Margaret is very likable and down to earth. She made me feel welcome right away when I arrived at her studio, which is in a beautiful, completely restored older building. I was very comfortable around her, as she has a relaxed attitude, but very professional and kind at the same time. She’s real.  An I love my photos! They make me feel good about my body, the poses are sexy but not over the top, and they express different sides of my personality. Beautifully done, elegant, sexy, and fun! I would recommend this type of session to any woman.  ~Barb

This is something that I have always wanted to do but never had the courage to do.  Knowing Margaret and how professional she is and such a warm person made me feel I could do this. My session with Margaret was a wonderful experience that I would tell anyone they should try.  The studio is beautiful and Margaret has a way of making you feel relaxed.  I was very nervous at first but with Margaret’s help I was able to relax and enjoy my session. Once again thank you so much.  I really enjoyed myself and will certainly tell others about you.  ~Connie

I never did anything like this before and always wanted to feel like a model/superstar. lol I’ve seen pictures of my other friends do something similar and now it was my chance to shine. My boudoir session with Margaret was very comfortable, very relaxing, and lots of fun! Thank you for the wonderful experience. I don’t think I would have done this if you didn’t make me feel so relaxed, it’s no big deal kind of feeling.  Wow! I can’t believe I had the courage to do something like that. I usually hate taking pictures so this was out of my comfort zone. I’m very glad I had the chance to let myself go and love me for what I am. After looking at the pictures I can say with confidence that I love myself even more now that I see that I’m beautiful after all.  ~Terry

I am in the best shape of my life right now and have worked hard to achieve it. I wanted something for myself, just to document this time in my life.  Margaret made me feel extremely comfortable during the photo session. Her directions were easy to follow, making posing a piece of cake. The photos are sexy, beautiful, and flattering. They are personalized to show who I am. Seeing myself in another light makes me appreciate my body and who I am as a woman. ~JessieI was looking for an established photography studio to take some amazing pics as a gift for my fiance and heard about Allure Boudoir Studio from a friend of mine!  My experience could not have been better. I was made to feel welcome from the moment I stepped in the door. Margaret was so nice and helpful with plenty of ideas. I was a little nervous at first but before I knew I felt so comfortable in front of her. My session got easier and easier as it went on. During my session I truly felt like a model.    I Love My Photos! When I look at them I feel so sexy it brings a smile to my face. I look very sassy and just know that my fiance will love them!  ~AlexaI was always interested in boudoir photography, and was really blown away by some of the images that I’d seen in the past. Many of the photographs I’d seen were extremely beautiful, and I was always curious what it would be like to do a photo shoot where you get extremely dolled up and wear clothing that makes you feel sexy. I’ve never considered myself to be too photogenic, and wanted to get the chance to go “all out” for the day and experience a feeling of confidence that I normally don’t get from everyday photographs.

Margaret was amazing! I wasn’t initially comfortable wearing skimpy clothing, and she made me feel so much better about everything! Although I had practiced facial expressions prior to shooting, I was still a little unsure of the type of expressions to have throughout the shoot. Margaret eased my worries, and gave amazing direction and cues, causing the shoot to go extremely smooth. I would DEFINITELY go back to her for future shoots, as I was blown away by her professionalism and communication throughout the entire shoot.

I think the photos turned out extremely beautiful. I’m normally not a photogenic person, and for once I’m EXCITED about seeing pictures of myself (and not embarrassed)! Looking at the pictures makes me feel a lot more confident than I normally do, as I can tell by many of the pictures how comfortable I felt in from of the camera through Margaret’s guidance. I’m extremely happy that I did the boudoir shoot, as there are truly no pictures that I have that compare to these. ~Alexandra