Sam | Chicago Boudoir Photography

Here’s what Sam had to say about her session:

“I think its important for everyone [especially women] to feel good about themselves. I wanted this done for two reasons.. The first.. For my fiancee because it is something that I think he will appreciate as most men would..  but honestly more so for myself and being able to see myself in these pictures and feel good about who I am and be able to look back when I’m 98 and say, “yeah, that’s when I was a spring chicken! Didn’t I look awesome!” Besides who doesn’t like getting dolled up and playing dress up!! haha  Everyone has something that they don’t like about themselves but that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing this. In the end you will look soo good inside and out!!

And Margaret was AWESOME!!!! I swear to whoever reads this.. I did not know Margret until today and it was not strange/weird at all! She is super personable, complimenting, and very sweet and she has a personality that is like an old friend that you’ve known forever. This was my first boudoir session and due to this positive/uplifting experience I would never question doing it again! I liked that it was only Margaret taking the photos.. It was casual ..she puts you into each pose.. she played was fun and not stressful at all!!!!  IF YOU ARE QUESTIONING ..STOP IT and BOOK A SESSION NOW!!!!

I was surprised how good I looked in the pictures!!! I’m really excited to get the pictures I ordered back. I loved a lot of them and made me feel good about myself. I know my fiancee will love them too! SO EXCITED TO GET THEM BACK!! WORTH THE MONEY!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS EXPERIENCE (I’m Recommending you too all my friends!!!)

Thanks so much Sam!  🙂

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