Session FAQ

Where does the boudoir session take place?

Your session can take place at our studio, your home, a hotel, forest preserve, etc.  To see the different boudoir portrait sessions and pricing options, click here.

When and how do I see my images?
Your boudoir photography session images will be available for viewing the same day as your session itself.  We will go through all of your proofs and go over all products and options specifically created for our Boudoir Portrait clients.

Will my boudoir photos appear on your website?
As much as I’d love to feature all of our clients photos on our website, all photos shown on this site are displayed with written permission by our clients. All boudoir photos are kept in strict confidence and no images will ever be shown without your permission.

I’ve never done anything like this before and am nervous and don’t know how to pose.
Don’t worry…everyone is a little nervous when they first come.  Your boudoir session will actually be a lot of fun and easy and by the end of your session, you’ll feel like a super model! You are also welcome to bring a friend for support and to cheer you on if you’d like.

Do you have a music playlist that helps you relax and feel sexy?  Bring your I-Pod and we’ll play your favorite music.

We will also email you some additional information that will help you with ideas for your Boudoir Portrait Session.

I’m no supermodel and don’t have the “perfect body”, can you make me look good? 
We all have issues with our bodies.  We think we aren’t curvy enough, or too curvey.  Our thighs are chunky and our boobs are saggy.  We have cellulite and stretch marks (even supermodels and celebrities do).

You don’t have to have the “perfect body” (and nobody really does) to look absolutely, positively sexy in your photos. Don’t worry – it’s my job to bring our your flirty, beautiful side. Whatever issue you may have, we will accentuate what you love about your body and minimize, through posing, the areas you aren’t comfortable with or would like to hide.

Retouching.  All purchases images and products are retouched so that you’ll look just as beautiful as those women you see in magazines.

What Should I Wear?
Jeans, bras, panties, thongs, baby dolls, slips, teddies, corsets, sexy nighty’s, bustiers, stockings. sports jerseys, costumes, your man’s tie, anything your man loves (his guitar, white button down, his tie, uniform, etc.), stilletos (these are a must and you need to have at least one pair, even if you have to borrow!!!), tall boots, and cowboy boots.  Lots and lots of accessories – earrings, long necklaces, chokers, pearls, costume jewelry, hats, scarves and anything else that will make your boudoir portraits special and unique to you.

Sometimes no outfit can be the best outfit. Covering yourself with sheets, a pillow, or a prop, simply implying nudity, can often be super sexy! This creates the fantasy that you’re naked underneath (but you don’t have to be). Remember, it is entirely your decision how much or little you want to reveal in your portraits.

For lingerie, heels, stocking and other inspiration ideas, check out the links below:

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What About My Hair & Make-up?
We’ve been doing our hair and makeup since we were in our teens so we’re pretty good at doing it ourselves, but there are plenty of options available. Salons and department store make-up counters are good resources (the MAC makeup counters at department stores are the best for photography as their makeup will not be shiny during your session). For something different and unique, a stylist is a great option (make sure you ask for fake lashes…these are a must and make you look ultra sexy!)

Whatever you decide on, be sure to let the stylist that you hire know that you’re having a photo shoot done as your make-up will need to be a bit heavier than you normally wear it.

Some of our clients also choose to get pampered before their session with a manicure and pedicure.  But department store press on nails also look awesome and are a quick and easy way to make your nails look fabulous.

Will my photos be displayed on your website?
As much as we’d love to feature you on our site, the only way you would ever be featured on our website or any promotional materials is if you wanted to be and gave us written permission to do so!